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          Sodium cyanide
          Structural formula: Sodium cyanide

          Alias: caswellno758; Cianuro di sodio; cianurodisodio; Cyanide of sodium; cyanideofsodium; Cyanobrik; Cyanogran; Cyanure de sodium; (cyano-kappaC)sodium
          English name: Sodium cyanide
          CAS No.: 143-33-9
          Molecular formula: NaCN
          Molecular weight: 49.01
          The physical and chemical properties: colorless or light yellow transparent aqueous solution; it is dissolved in ammonia, ethanol and methanol solutions; melting point: 563.7°C; boiling point: 1496°C
          Technical indicators:
          (1)    appearance: colorless or light yelloq liquid
          (2)    purity: ≥30.0%
          Packing specification: tanker filling
          Storage: the container must be closed, stored in a special warehouse, and kept dry, away from fires, heat sources, and avoid mixing with acids.
          To use:
          Sodium cyanide is an important basic chemical raw material used in basic chemical synthesis, electroplating, metallurgy and organic synthesis of medicine, pesticides and metal treatment. Complexing agent, masking agent. Precious metals such as gold and silver are refined and electroplated.

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