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          Liquid ammonia
          Structural formula: Liquid ammonia

          Alias: ammonia,anhydrous; Ammonia Solution Sg 0.91 - ANALYPUR; Liquid Ammonia; am-fol; ammonia(anhydrous); ammonia(non-specificname); Ammonia, anhydrous; ammonia,solution,withmorethan35%butnotmorethan50%ammonia; ammonia00; ammoniaanhydrous
          English name: Liquid ammonia
          CAS No.: 7664-41-7
          Molecular formula: NH3
          Molecular weight: 17.04
          The physical and chemical properties: a colorless liquid with srong pungent smell; melting point: -77.7°C; boiling point: -33.42°C; spontaneous combustion point: 651.11°C
          Technical indicators:
          (3)    appearance: colorless liquid
          (4)    purity: ≥99.0%
          Packing specification: tanker filling
          Storage: Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. The storage temperature should not exceed 30℃. Should be stored separately with oxidants, acids, halogens, food chemicals, do not mix storage. Explosion-proof lighting and ventilation facilities are adopted. The use of spark-prone mechanical equipment and tools is prohibited. The storage area should be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment.
          To use:
          Liquid ammonia is mainly used in the production of nitric acid, urea and other chemical fertilizers and can also be used as raw materials for medicine and pesticides. It can be used as raw material for ammoniation of organic chemical products. Since liquid ammonia can be converted into gas ammonia after gasification and absorb a large amount of heat, it is known as "refrigerant". At the same time, liquid ammonia has a certain bactericidal effect, so it is used for sterilization and cooling and refrigeration in poultry breeding industry. Liquid ammonia can also be used for mercerizing textiles.

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